LTX24HL-BS Sealed Dry Charged Battery

LTX24HL-BS Sealed Dry Charged Battery

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If this item is out of stock, please contact Michael on 0876811753, and we can check availability with our suppliers and advise on delivery time. 

12V 21Ah High-Performance Sealed Dry Charged AGM Battery. 


• Reverse terminal layout (positive on right)

• 350CCA superb starting performance

• High-quality composite of fiberglass and PE separators

• Reliable liquid-hole plug seal design

• Advanced low-antimony alloy and maintenance-free design

• Allows mounting in any orientation

• Dry charged, ready to fit

• Good charging acceptance and vibration-resistant performance

• High-capacity, long-life.

• 24-month warranty

• 99.99% pure primary lead (PPL) for faster charging, better performance & a cleaner environment